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We provide a comprehensive suite of poker analysis tools which put user-friendliness first.

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Modern Poker Software

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poker lab

Your very own poker lab

A full set of analysis tools, including preflop, postflop, equity and ICM calculators.

UI for poker study

A UI that makes studying fun

We've built a clean, modern user interface which makes studying intuitive and painless.

platform independent

Cloud-based webapp

All you need is a modern web browser: platform-independent and convenient.

Exhaustive range vs. range simulations.

Equity distribution graphs.

Sub-range heat maps for all players.

Tournament chip equity modeling.

Supports all major algorithms.

Calculates bubble factors.

Model large fields by defining a chip distribution.

Range vs. range board-texture analysis.

Probabilities for a wide array of draws and combo-draws.

Future street equity graphs.

Find maximally exploitative preflop strategies.

Model the full 2bet/3bet/4bet game for two players.

Model the raise/shove/call game for multiple players, including ICM effects.

Two modes for inputting scenarios: choose from a set of pre-defined strategies for each hand or edit the full game tree manually.

Conveniently enter all of your preflop ranges.

Calculate the frequencies implied by a strategy.

Summarize strategies visually.

Create your own charts in My Lab or import them from CSV.

Use programmable hotkeys to navigate your charts and highlight hands.

Charts are automatically colored for easy visual navigation.

Review and share your hand histories.

Overlays relevant statistics, including SPR, bluff equity needed, chance to hit your outs, GGOP sizing, and more, right in the replayer.

Extract villain and population strategies from hand histories.

Analyse extracted strategies by navigating an interactive game tree.

Automatically classifies hand histories according to game type.


Organize your saved ranges, strategies, etc.

Import/export from/to CSV.


Automatically upload your hand histories to your poker lab with this small client-side program.

Have your Poker Lab ready for analysis as soon as your session ends.

Downloads and source code available here.


ENGINE - automated analysis and leak finding of uploaded hand histories.

Various Push/fold improvements.

Additional graphs and visualizatons for equity, postflop and pushfold.

Support for frequencies in all modules.

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About us

About Us

We are two poker enthusiasts from Sweden who got tired of having to install and switch between 4+ different programs to do our post-session analysis and studying, so we decided to write our own. We hope you like it!



We'll have a support forum up soon! In the meantime, please email support@omni.poker, use the form to the right, or catch us on 2p2 or TiltBook. For real-time support, you can join our Telegram group.

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